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Creativity and Consciousness seminars

Ed Sarath

Ed Sarath is available for keynote talks, lectures, workshops, and seminars that:

  • ● Unlock the creative potential that fuels success and fulfillment in all fields
  • ● Build teamwork and community through hands-on experiences.
  • ● Approach creativity as a transformational process.

Ideal for sports teams, educational organizations, and business groups!

At the core of all human creativity is an integrated state of consciousness, which in optimal creative performance is sometimes described as “flow”, “peak experience” or “transcendence”. Features of these states include mental clarity, inner joy and calm ­ even amidst the most intensive activity, mind-body coordination, heightened intuition and insights, adaptability and spontaneity. When individuals can tap into these states on a consistent basis, they gain more fulfillment from their work and see it as means not just for individual success, but for contributing to the world at large.

Ed Sarath’s Creativity and Consciousness seminars provide hands-on, practical exercises that provide glimpses of heightened states, and methods for cultivating them in one’s work and life. These include meditation practices, rhythmic exercises (designed for individuals with no musical training), and improvisational games.  The exercises are not only fun, but they also cultivate a sense of community among participants.  The seminars also provide easy-to-grasp theoretical concepts that enable participants to understand the inner mechanics of heightened creativity and consciousness.

Ed Sarath has utilized these techniques with athletes, business practitioners, musicians and individuals in a wide variety of disciplines. He has appeared at The University of Michigan’s Business School, Harvard Business School, The Forge Institute, and the Program on Negotiation ..