Recordings & Compositions

New Beginnings

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Ed Sarath with the London Jazz Orchestra

LJO plays the large ensemble music of Ed Sarath


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underlined track name for an mp3 excerpt)

1. Shirodara

2. Child of Light

Suite of Jazz Orchestra

3. I. Proclamation

4. II. Meditation

5. III. New Beginnings

6. Crystal Palace

7. Space Race

8. Voice of the Wind



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Ed Sarath and Timescape with Karl Berger
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1. Turkish Tihai

2. Quietmind

3. Afterthought

4. Monkishness

5. Stories Untold I. Inquiry

6. Stories Untold II. Awakening

7. Space Race

8. Jallaludin

9. Thought Forms

Last Day in May

Ed Sarath, David Leibman, Mick Goodrick, Harvie Swartz, Marvin “Smitty” Smith

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Voice of the Wind

Ed Sarath, David Leibman, Joanne Brackeen, Cecil McBee, Billy Hart

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MP3s of other compositions
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

For choir, strings, and jazz soloists

Video of most recent performance

Premiere performance: 17.7M MP3

Sun Kissed 7.9M MP3

For big band

Partly Dancing, Partly Dreaming 11M MP3

For big band

Music available for school and professional ensembles,

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Jazz and Contemplative Studies
at the University of Michigan


Roman Stolyar, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Ed Sarath, Steve Grismore
performance at The Hague, June 28, 2010